October 16th, 2009, 9:59 pm

Switching Accounts/Tonist Needed!

I'm switching out to a new account. When I signed up, I had no idea that you could host several comics. And, in the very far off future (I'm serious! Future future!) I'm interested in having a few comics for this one account. Not to mention everyone's calling me Enigmatic and such nonsense. :P

So, if you see a switching of things about, don't worry. :P That's just me being endlessly fickle about things. I also am not limiting this account to just Pokemon stuff, either. I have many, many stories that I'd love to illustrate.

The new name is 'Crystal Hikara', my true (somewhat otaku, get over it :P) penname, so that way you guys will better know to refer to me as Crystal. I hope, at least, you will. ;D

I'll be 'editing' all posts so hopefully they'll all be under my new name. I'll also be merging over the other comic that was made but never really did anything with it lol, Chaos Overdrive. This is just one of the many comics I hope to do. I haven't really done anything storywise with it yet, but I hope that I'll at least get some concept art up for it.

And if I can't get the comments and stuff under my name, I'll post it all up as author comments and then go ahead and delete stuff.


I NEED A SCREENTONIST BADLY, SO BADLY. I'M DEAD SERIOUS. I have a good 4 page buffer goin' on and I need them toned but I can't tone them at all because my computer and myself epic fail at toning forever and ever and ever and PLEASE I NEED HALP.

Also would like some more affiliates! Just truck on over to my affiliates tab and follow my requests, and I'll put it on the bottom of the page like fellow sorta-PMD comic Shinka: The Last Eevee by SilverLunarWing. Of course, I fully expect this to be a two-way thing, catch my drift? >.o

Anyways, I should get going. Got work tomorrow and I'm still horrendously behind on artwork. Sorry for the lack of comics!

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