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Crystal (Crystal Hikara)
Crystal is the lead artist and lead writer of Enigmatic Star. She is a 20-year-old self-proclaimed immature gaming freak that enjoys reading, writing, grammar-naziing, arting in many many media, playing many video games, sleeping, karate, etc. She also has very limited amounts of time on the computer. As such, she's a little harder to get ahold of than Kiyo.

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For email/AIM, please note via SJ asking for it first. Because Crystal is a wuss and often times gets scared outta her tree when random people IM her.

Kiyo is the co-writer and lead scripter of Enigmatic Star, and long time collaborator of Crystal. She is 18 years old, and is going to an epic hippie liberal arts college in New England to “major” in Psychology, Japanese, Literature and whatever else she finds interesting. She can usually be found procrastinating on homework, sleeping, being a therapist, analyzing people, obsessing over Japanese culture, language and food, complaining about the complexity and, more often than not, the stupidity of people, peer-editing, having epic battles with writer’s block, writing prose when not combating said writer’s block, and more, including writing long lists and run-on sentences.

When not doing any of the above things, Kiyo can be found messing around on the internet, and is often on AIM and deviantART. Unlike Crystal, she is totally into talking to random people about anything ever.

Kiyo (bkd_dustren)

Coming soon: Momo's information. Momo (Ikebana) is the screentonist of Enigmatic Star.



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Current Affiliates:

u_queen; I'm a Shaman

Death Note Doujinshi: After the death of the FBI agents, and the apparition of a second Kira; L has decided to put his life in the border line. But it seems that someone is interested in Kira case with a different reason. Miki Nueno, aka Mayuko Tsubaki, has fallen in love with the detective and wants to prevent his death.

SilverLunarWing; Shinka, the Last Eevee

Josie, a young Quilava with barely any recognition of her past, finds an unconcious Eevee stranded in the woods. He suffers from amnesia, and can only remember his name, Nick, and that he has some unclear task before him. The two become fast friends, always ready to help the citizens of Dynamon City with their problems.
But conspiracies are growing. Operatives of the shadowed Auranova Industries are popping up over Aezala, supposedly trying to find a cure to the rapidly dying Eevee population. But deep down, the truth is much more than it seems...
Before they know it, Nick and Josie are caught up in a maelstrom of lies, deceit, and the quest to find the ultimate truth.

Beware the calm before the storm.

Le Jelleh; Pokemon Breeder

Kern doesn't like Pokemon.

But Pokemon love him.

Upon finding a lonely egg at his parent's daycare, the 'better person in him' refrains from frying it and rescues it.

But an egg is one thing.

The lil' monster inside is another.


Please take all affiliation requests to PM with Crystal (Crystal Hikara).

Shinka: The Last Eevee I'm A Shaman Pokemon Breeder

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