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Asa is far from your typical student. As smart as she is, she wants nothing to do with being a Pokemon Trainer. Her mother force-feeds her such a life, giving her little room to breathe. After a particularly stressful night, Asa wishes to have nothing to do with the life chosen for her. ~"Be careful of what you wish for..."~ As Asa drifts into uncomfortable dreams, she is startled awake by an earthquake. Soon enough she finds herself far away from home, and as an Eevee to boot! Estranged and outcasted with only Flare, a friendly Torchic, and longtime sassy friend Breeze the Pidgey, to help her, can Team Blazeon solve the mystery to Asa's transformation before the entire world falls to shambles? Updates are random; will be once or twice every week soon.

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Important Filler!
Important Filler!

December 21st, 2009, 9:39 pm

Some delays

Unfortunately, Enigmatic Star will be hitting some delays for a time until the vast majority of what I have to, HAVE to get done gets done. Now, this isn't on hiatus; I'm still going to be working when I can on this. There's just going to be two or three week gaps between each page until everything's settled and done and over with.

That being said, I need your support more than ever so this doesn't die. People, please keep commenting! I beg of you!

Well, that's all. Hope you keep enjoying (what little there is of) Enigmatic Star!


November 15th, 2009, 7:49 pm

Going to the con, but some ES info!

Well, my convention is just in a few short days! I'm super excited, and I still have a good bit of work ahead of me. The next page, after page 5, may be a little late given that, but afterwards I'll have absolutely nothing but Christmas stuff to worry about. AND AFTER THAT NOTHING BUT MY OWN PERSONAL THINGS TEEHEE. So that being said, I think I'll really get to working on scripting a lot on January. I'll be working mainly off my old script until then, so I'm sure it won't be that much of a problem.

Speaking of scripting, I've recently taken the time to estimate what Chapter 1 will look like, in terms of pages. Based on old scripting, and what I wanna get done, I think it'll be something like 35-40 pages for the first chapter. Chapter 2, I have no idea, but at least Chapter 1 sounds reasonable enough. I'll need your support to keep it up!

Anyways, that's all. Gotta get back to work! Keep reading, guys!

October 23rd, 2009, 3:43 pm

Screentonist and NANOWRIMO?!

You guys! Oh, YOU GUYS! I'm SO SUPER DUPER PSYCHED! :DDDD I have finally come across an AMAZING, STUPENDOUS possible screentonist that has PMed me outta the blue and said that they want to tone Enigmatic Star! Ikebana is the one, and I am impatiently waiting to hear back on stuff. Oh, beautiful tonings! Really, really beautiful. I could CRY I'm so damn happy. ;A;

Of course, the deal hasn't been finalized just yet! So, I'll just keep up with my art thing until the meanwhile. But hopefully Ikebana will join this effort and the show can go on!

...In other news, I'm not sure how many of you have heard of NaNoWriMo. It stands for National Novel Writing Month. In November, thousands of people across at least the US gather and put their fingers to the limit, trying to beat a 50,000 word, 175-page, 30-day deadline. It's such a wonderful idea! I have taken it upon my shoulders to decide that I shall be rewriting the script I have for Enigmatic Star within that timeframe. It's a challenge that'll push around the 200 page mark for me, but I figure if I can manage at least 7 pages until the con is over each day, I'll make it no sweat. And 7 pages is an easy feat to mow over.

...another reason I'm participating in this crazy event is to work on my motivation skills. Sometimes I...lack in the motivation department, so I figure that if I can get this much accomplished, then pursuing a comic ought to be an easy thing. (Ought to, lol!)

So, given how busy I'll be, I won't be drawing any more pages for ES during November. (I have a lot of art I need to get to, and I'll be using spare time to write lots.) I'll keep drawing as long as I can- I hope I can get to page 6 before then so I'll have buffer for you guys!- but just wanted to let you all know that.

Oh, one last thing! I'm still taking applications for affiliations! It helps you, it helps me, and then we're all one big comicking family! *shot several times from afar* ...OKAY THAT WAS BAD BUT SERIOUSLY. PM me if you got a Pokemon comic and wanna affiliate!

October 16th, 2009, 9:59 pm

Switching Accounts/Tonist Needed!

I'm switching out to a new account. When I signed up, I had no idea that you could host several comics. And, in the very far off future (I'm serious! Future future!) I'm interested in having a few comics for this one account. Not to mention everyone's calling me Enigmatic and such nonsense. :P

So, if you see a switching of things about, don't worry. :P That's just me being endlessly fickle about things. I also am not limiting this account to just Pokemon stuff, either. I have many, many stories that I'd love to illustrate.

The new name is 'Crystal Hikara', my true (somewhat otaku, get over it :P) penname, so that way you guys will better know to refer to me as Crystal. I hope, at least, you will. ;D

I'll be 'editing' all posts so hopefully they'll all be under my new name. I'll also be merging over the other comic that was made but never really did anything with it lol, Chaos Overdrive. This is just one of the many comics I hope to do. I haven't really done anything storywise with it yet, but I hope that I'll at least get some concept art up for it.

And if I can't get the comments and stuff under my name, I'll post it all up as author comments and then go ahead and delete stuff.


I NEED A SCREENTONIST BADLY, SO BADLY. I'M DEAD SERIOUS. I have a good 4 page buffer goin' on and I need them toned but I can't tone them at all because my computer and myself epic fail at toning forever and ever and ever and PLEASE I NEED HALP.

Also would like some more affiliates! Just truck on over to my affiliates tab and follow my requests, and I'll put it on the bottom of the page like fellow sorta-PMD comic Shinka: The Last Eevee by SilverLunarWing. Of course, I fully expect this to be a two-way thing, catch my drift? >.o

Anyways, I should get going. Got work tomorrow and I'm still horrendously behind on artwork. Sorry for the lack of comics!

October 2nd, 2009, 12:00 am

Lessee here...

Um. Hello. I'm going to awkwardly introduce myself cause Crystal is making me--err, it's the right thing to do. Yeah, that.

I'd say I'm Crystal's "new" co-author, but the truth is, I've worked on like a bajillion things with her in the past. So being roped into another project isn't anything new to me. Thus, I'm introducing myself as Crystal's "returning" co-author.

I'm Kiyo, you can call me that or whatever else you want--so long as it isn't, you know, mean. I won't take kindly to being called "poopface." :P At any rate, I'm a freshman in college, and I plan on concentrating (my school's fancy way of describing majors) in a mix of psychology, Japanese and literature. I enjoy playing video games (the Persona series, Pokemon, and various other RPGs), watching anime, reading manga, procrastinating, sleeping, rug munching, and writing.

Uh, yeah. I feel like I don't have much else to say. >>' And it's late and I need sleep. If you need to contact me for whatever reason, I'll put up my contact info. Eventually.

Kay see you. :3


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